Tubby’s Diary

June 15 Tubby produced some stunning early foot to lead Dubh Soldier into the first corner in the second round of the “Courage Olympic”, what an apt name for a competition! Wearing down that assailant he was unlucky to get picked up on the line by Cuba with one of his power packed finishes to win by neck as payback for last weeks result.
He goes into the final on Thursday night on merit.

June 11 Tubby won his heat of the Courage Greyhound Olympic at Hove tonight, (entered on the back of a good trial, completed in 30.03+20) although he was around 1/2 a length down on Cooly Cheetah heading into the first bend, he was in front coming out and pulling away strongly. Question mark at the third bend, would he stay? Seemed to come again and fought off efforts to pass him, winning in 30.03+20.
He now heads into a hot semi on Saturday from which only two will qualify for the final, with:
1.Cooly Cheetah, 2.Tubby, 3. Ace Honcho, 4.Cuba, 5. Dubh Soldier, 6. Arun Venom

April 13 Apologies, have not had much time to update Diary recently, will do shortly. Tubby is off to Wimbledon Tuesday for Trial stake .

Mar 16 Tubby entered in a Sprint open tonight, pundits claiming it was a two dog race as the betting also suggested with Parliament Act as 4/5 Fav & Tubby at 11/4. None of the others shorter than 10s! Always dangerous I think, but glad they both obliged, Parliament sprang out of the traps with Tubby giving him at least 4 lengths at the first bend. After initial crowding at the first bend, Tubs set off on his run, only to be beaten by a short 3/4 length, & passed him shortly after the line!!!
Very proud of him.

Mar 12. As hoped Tubby went to Hove for a sprint trial before racing tonight and completed the course in 16.61 -5. Going appeared a lot slower and track had been rotovated earlier in the day.

Mar 10. Took Tubby out for his usual Sunday morn walk, sorry he took me, seems to be almost back to his normal self. Hopefully will trial this week to get back to Racing.

Mar 9. Tubby was found to be suffering from a Tummy bug this morning so sadly had to withdrawn from his race tonight. Hopefully he will not take too long to recover & should be back soon.

Mar 3. Sunday open (265m) at Sittingbourne, drawn in 3 against the previously fancied El Pal in 6, Tubs started as evens fav, lit up the track again as he romped clear at the start only won by 13/4 though, but only 11/2lengths off the current track record, so we’ll let him off

Feb 28. D1! Previous race must have been a wake up call for Tubby, within a few strides tonight he was away from the chasing pack & stayed there to score by 41/2lengths with a time of 16.44.

Feb 23. First race since rest tonight 285m open at Hove, Tub’s missed his break (5th on the run-up), could not find a way through on the rail so forced to move out eventually fighting his way back into second place by just half a length, in front just past the line!

Feb 11. Tubby had his first trial back after his two month rest and completed the 285m trip in 16.45calc, in abysmal weather conditions. Another sprint is on the cards for Monday 18th Feb before he enters a race.

Jan 9. We decided Tubby deserved a rest for a few weeks considering the lack of races for him at Hove & the very cold weather, but he should be back on track in a fortnight or so.

Dec 22. 285m Hove. If luck had anything to do with it, Tubby might win a lot more of his races, as it is it doesn’t seem to go his way sometimes. Tonight they seemed to break fairly level, but within the first 20yds or so we could see a dog left at the back, Tubby!!
On watching the replay it was obvious two of the dogs alongside wanted to go for the same piece of track leaving no room for “Tubs” & consequently he pulled out, put in a valiant effort as usual though to finish 4th only by 2.5 lengths to the winner.

Dec 15. 435m Walthamstow. Tubby was desperately unlucky again tonight, he broke ahead but going into the first bend had his back legs taken away from him, pushing him back 3 to 4 lengths, needless to say he fought back & finished a creditable second.

Dec 10. Drove Tubby accompanied by Esther to Nottingham again today for the comp. Fair to say I think he had drawn a tough heat with Crock of Gold on his outside & Hollinwood Chief inside.
As it turned out the ‘Chief’ pinged the lids & left everybody behind equalling the track record in the process. Tubby finished 4th & although the results stated he had a clear run I can assure after watching his video numerous times, he could have qualified if he had! He was forced to go wide to find a way through but was too much too late!

Dec 3. Took Tubby to Nottingham for a sprint trial in preparation for the forthcoming ‘Peter Derrick National Sprint’, ran the track really well & completed the trial in 18.32, seemed a reasonable time for first look on a cold night in December, so he will take his chance next Monday.

Nov 27. Hove. 285m Open. Tubby missed his break badly again! Did well to finish second.

Nov 17. Hove.285m Sprint Open. So back home again, starts favourite & finishes a very worthy winner! Had his trapping boots on tonight & was three lengths clear by the first bend, certainly seems as though he should concentrate on the Sprint trip for the near future.

Nov 13. Walthamstow.475m. Tubby was a little unlucky not to qualify in this race where they all seemed to come out in a line, getting baulked at the first bend he found himself in last place! But he battled on to produce an uncharacteristic burst of speed along the back straight to get himself back into contention. He really looked like he could make a qualifying spot for a while, bust sadly was not to be!

Nov 12. Tubby travels again to the Stow tomorrow for the heats of the Goodwood Cup, he will meet some stiff competition, fingers crossed he can make all from the 3 box!

Nov 1. First visit back to Walthamstow since 21 June when he led to line & was beaten a Neck!! He can be forgiven a missed break since not having been there for a while I suppose, especially as he showed immense bravery into the 1st bend to try & compensate for his mistake. Only third but smashing run

Oct 15. Tubby travelled to Catford for a race over 385m, although travelling without a trial it was considered he would handle the track well enough to not get into too many problems. Unfortunately, having missed his break completely, he failed to show any of his customary early pace, subsequently finishing last against a field he should easily have been able to match for pace.
After discussion with Derek the following day it was decided we would take him to see Ron Mills to see if he had any muscular problems that were not evident to his handlers, as a result he spent over an hour sorting out a few things that were bothering him, which although not major problems, would be enough to Dull his pace & trapping abilities.
He was able to have a sprint trial after a few days at Hove which he completed a length & a half short of the track record. Looks promising

Sept 29. Slightly missed break saw Tubby crowded at first bend, by the time he was able to get into his stride it was unfortunately too late, but a creditable second place.

Sept 22. Back to form, Tubby tonight produced a brilliant display of determination whilst being led & somewhat hampered by the in-form ‘Alwright Jack’, ultimately managing to pass for the honours on the line. What a brilliant display from both hounds!

Sept 15. A disappointing run tonight from Tubby at Oxford, had hoped he might at least qualify for Final, missed his break again & did not pace up as we know he can so maybe something is amiss with him? We will probably have him checked over before he runs again.

Sept 6. Failed to qualify for the Final of competition at Sittingbourne, having missed his break, Tubby finished fifth & earned £10 for his trouble.

Sept 3. Tubby went to Hove for his first sprint trial today, since sustaining his injury at Sittingbourne & recorded the fastest sprint time of the day 16.55, so is entered to race in a sprint competition at Sittingbourne on Thursday 6th.

Aug 19. Bandage is off now, (not that it was holding him back anyway), he is just a bit fed up at not being allowed off the lead at the moment, but going to have to learn to live with it

Aug 12. Tubby is taking a well deserved rest from racing for a few weeks after sustaining a minor injury to a toe in his last race. Can report he is not in the slightest bothered by it as he dragged me around the field as usual this morning, in order to get back quickly for his treat!!!

Aug 9. Was always going to be a lottery once the Torrential rain started prior to the heats. But still a shock to see Tubby slip coming out of the traps tonight, convinced he could have won if leading them at first bend, but wasn’t to be. Used all his early pace to claw back to a qualifying third spot, but sadly could not hang on & just got pipped into fourth spot

Aug 5. Tonight we were honoured to see Tubby in the first round heats of the Kent Derby, at Sittingbourne, although he missed his break, he ran on really well to take second spot to Reading masters champion, Marshalls June. He has been fortunate enough to be given a plum draw in the 1 box again so fingers crossed he can go further!

July 29. Tubby completed his task at Sittingbourne successfully tonight, winning the second division of the sprint open by 31/4 Lengths in 16.44, twelve spots quicker than the top division was won. He moved off slightly at the first but was soon back on the rail once on the straight again, maybe next time he will have someone alongside him to keep him on the rail!
Next stop, Sittingbourne Sunday 5th August for first round of the Kent Derby where he meets ‘Reading Masters’ champion Marshals June & Sittingbourne campaigner Kalooki Captain.

July 24. “They think it’s all over…., it is now”, Tubby looked nailed on to win the ‘Gunsmiths Sprint’ tonight, when leading Parliament Act from the boxes. However he hadn’t bargained for the tenacity of Rhincrew Magic & before he could get his run he was staring at his big black backside! He had no other option but to check round him, losing lengths in the process but was strong enough to hang on to second spot.

July 19. Tubby has been entered for the Ray Ward Gunsmiths Sprint & ran in the second heat for qualifying tonight, starting favourite, but sadly finishing second to Rhincrew Magic. He did not seem to show as much early as usual to the first bend, even though he soon led, he was somehow beaten to the line by half a length , but then was in front again before the pick-up
Still he has qualified for the final now on the 24th July & maybe will strip fitter for that run, he’ll certainly have to if he’s to get the run on the class dogs he lines up with. (see form for race)

July 11. Top of ratings list for sprinters today, thanks to Peter Meldrum for his comments in today’s Racing Post regarding Tubby’s fine results of late at Hove.

July 7. Tubby showed his class again tonight, overcoming the appalling weather conditions without too much ado & beating the upcoming Toss Fawn by two lengths in a cracking 16.22 calc.

July 3. Derek had a great 1st & 2nd tonight, with Tubby drawn in trap 1 & Smoking Jonesey in 6 it was always going to be a fascinating contest & almost a shame one of them had to lose.
Jonesey came out like a bullet (no pun intended), but Tubby was not far behind & he tracked him all the way to the second when Jonesey moved off he took his chance, finally finishing a length clear in 16.31calc. One of his best yet I feel, but sure the best is yet to come. Well done Tubs!

June 22. Tubby went back to Walthamstow for a £250 open last night, he started a very worthy 7/4 favourite, sadly this wasn’t to be his night. He didn’t quite show his normal pace to the first bend & consequently connected with another dog on the way round it, he managed to hold his position though & proceeded to lead everybody the whole way round probably 3 lengths clear along back straight until he seemed to hit a wall just before finish line and was beaten a neck by Droopys Spirit.

June 14. Tubby travelled to Walthamstow for a trial tonight, he posted time of 29.10 in his first ever run round, so it seems he liked track! Reports are that he ran really well, time certainly supports that!!

June 10. Tubby went to Sittingbourne tonight for an open race, the field included El Joker, Westmead Baron, Astoria Noir, Docs Down Under & Rathoona Hero.
Considering he had never before been to the track his performance was a credit to him even though he finally finished fourth! He flew out of the traps & led into the first bend by at least a length unfortunately the bend came as a bit of a surprise & he couldn’t help running wide, but he continued to lead them all whilst being tracked by ‘Docs Down Under’, finally being picked off on the fourth bend.
Hopefully his knowledge of the track should help him in future races there, in the meantime he is off to Walthamstow on 14 June for a trial.

May 23. Tubby’s Derby campaign ended in high drama last night, when competition favourite Sonic Flight pinged the lids to complete a 5.27 sectional his best yet from all his heats, to deny Tubby the first corner lead. Stand tall though Tubby, how many of this years entrants had only had seven races before entering!!
He is reported to be sound today, a little tired but understandable after his great performance over the last couple of weeks.

May 22. Here we are then, nerves are on edge now, but he has performed beyond our wildest dreams so far, so who knows!!
Whatever happens now no one can take this away from him and at least all his fans will get the chance to see him on sky tv.
Had a number of emails from wellwishers all around the world.

May 19. Quarter finals here we come, incredible run from Tubby, thought he had it sewn up again how many times can he get picked up on the line. Hey who cares he qualified!!!!!!!!
P.S. Champers at the Don is not half bad!!!!!!!!

May 18. You have all no doubt seen the draw for tomorrows Derby heats, watch this space!!!

May 12. Tubby travelled to Wimbledon with Esther & Paul today in the searing heat, this was personally my main concern for him but obviously no need to worry because he excelled himself tonight, led all the way after taking quite a bump coming out of the traps only to get caught by the odds on favourite at the run in!
We apologise to the neighbours for the racket we made but we thought he was going to win! Going to be long wait now until Wed, when the draw for the next round is made. See you Saturday Tubs!!

May 9. Draw for second round of the Derby was made on Tuesday. Tubby has been a little more fortunate this time with the competition & should stand a reasonable chance of qualifying for another round. Everything crossed for 9.00pm Saturday then, we’ll all be there cheering him round!!

May 5. Tubby finished fourth in the first round & has qualified for second round Derby heats to be held next weekend! He showed immense character to shake off a collision with Toblermorey Boy at the first bend and completed the race only to be caught on the line by Micks Best Hero. With a bit of luck he may get a slightly easier draw this week!

May 2. Draw for Derby heats was made on Sat, 28th and Tubby has drawn three dogs that may be considered favourites! So he has it all to do, but only needs to finish 4th to qualify for next round so fingers crossed he can give a good account of himself.
Draw is as follows T1 ‘Tubby’, T2 Nightingale Song, T3 Swashbuckler, T4 Micks Best Hero, T5 Bold Mossy, T6 Toblermorey Boy.

April 25. Tubby has been for his trial today, he had a 2 dog trial with ‘Raging Man’ which he completed in 29.62.
By all accounts bit messy because he missed his break and ‘Raging man’ cut ahead of him, but he made numerous attempts to get past and never gave up, so pleased about that!
Still very good time considering didn’t have clear run, so his entry for Derby is in & he will take his chance!! Cant wait to hear the draw on Saturday.

April 22. First time we have been able to visit kennels in seven weeks, due to foot & mouth so was great to see all the dogs today 7 take them for a walk! tubby is off to Wimbledon again on Wednesday for another trial. Watch this space!

April 18. Tubby had his first look round Wimbledon today in a 480m solo trial & exceeded all our expectations by completing it in 29.33. Reports are that he ran the track very well. He will go back for another next week along with his entry for the Derby!!

April 7. Tubby won his first open race tonight, another 285m, in great style, coming from behind having missed his break. He won by a head but ran on really well & was lengths ahead by the pick up!

Mar 27. At last Tubby is back, had his first race back on the card since 11th Jan tonight, a 285m D2, and won very well by 3 3/4 lengths in 16.58(-20), his first win and best time yet at Hove, lets hope he’s not fit yet!
His next outing will be a 515m trial Tues 3rd April before racing.

Mar 19. Tubby had another 285m trial, completed this in 16.50(-5), 12 lengths clear of his opponent. Expect to see him racing shortly!

Mar 12. Saw Tubby run second 285m trial today, which he completed in 16.62, only 7 spots slower than a very ‘rapid Reactabond Rebel’. “Go on Tubby”!!!!!!!

Mar 5. Tubby had a trial over 240m, which he completed in 14.20+5, still sitting down in traps, but doesn’t seem to matter too much, wonder what he’d do if he was stood up though!!

Feb 21. Good news on Tubby, he will be back hopefully on Monday for 240m trial at Hove, he was still full of beans on last visit Sunday, so we are hopeful that he will be ok now.

Feb 11. Had a weekly visit to the kennels today to find Tubby in very good spirits, apart from disgracing himself by spilling a bag of
‘Doggy biscuits’ all over the floor and attempting to hoover them all up we had a great time with him and he really enjoyed his walk around the paddock in the mud, as did we!

Jan 17. Tubby has returned from the vet now, it has been found that he has a low potassium level, so this may account for his lack of energy after a couple of bends, hopefully easily remedied. He also has a problem with a hock, which may also account for his problems running the bends, not major we are told but we will know more when we speak to Derek at the weekend. I think he will be off for a few weeks now. Maybe till the sun comes out again!!!

Jan 16. Esther is kindly taking Tubby to see Des Fegan at Milton Keynes tomorrow (Wednesday), he will have to be a bit sharp getting up though, they are off at 5.15am. He is going to have the works full blood tests etc., to try & get to the bottom of his lacklustre performance last week. We will all be thinking of them & looking forward to their safe return.

Jan 14. Visited kennels this morning, Tubby still as powerful as ever, but he didn’t manage to pull me over!!!
Maria says he was sick on Friday morning so perhaps this may explain his poor efforts of late. We are hopeful he will go to see Des Fegan on Wednesday for tests etc., so we will have to wait and see, otherwise he seems very happy and well in himself.

Jan 11. Tubby ran in A4 grade tonight at Hove, and only managed fifth, (five dog race), again he was close to front runner (Guide the way), but soon went backward so he is due a visit to the vet to see if there is something bothering him. He may well have a rest for a time now. we will update as soon as we know more.

Jan 6. Tubby ran in another maiden open tonight at Hove, had a far better run tonight, much better sectional, and was second to After Eight Minx, until the fourth bend when he decided he would quite like to get on the rail! Much to the disgust of the poor dog on the inside, who bravely stood his ground & ensured that Tubby stayed where he was.

Dec 30. Tubby ran in a maiden open tonight at Hove, but managed only to finish 5th! We talked with Derek after the race and he says that Tubby sits down in the traps. Hopefully, he can grow out of this habit soon and show us what he is made of.

Dec 26. Another one privileged to run on Boxing Day at Hove and could only manage 6th, missed his break badly, then baulked at first bend, never really got back into it, but good training.

Dec 19. Tubby was in his first ever race tonight at Hove, drawn trap 1, good class open and finished third after leading them up all the way. Good result! Sadly we were unable to go because of a prior arrangement, so thanks to Michael and Janet Smithson and Sarah and Stan for their excellent commentaries over the phone!