Steer The Way

ellietrim2This is Ellie, (Steer The Way), winning the Track Bookmakers Puppy Trophy Final 2000 and the prize of £1000 at Hove on Sussex Cup night, photographed by Stephen Nash. We were also privileged to see her entered into the Brighton Belle when she very convincingly made the final but sadly the result did not do her justice.

Following a Sprint race on the 27 September 2001, in which Ellie was victorious once again, sadly she finished lame with a torn shoulder muscle.
Since our long term plans were to breed from her after retirement, we took the decision to retire her now & not risk further injury that could endanger her health.
Her future is being mapped out at the present time, but we will keep updating as soon as we know more.

Ellie has proved to be a very consistent performer in her time at Hove, and we knew that if she got out in front, as she very often did, that there is absolutely no way she would give up!

As with all racing dogs she has had her fair share of problems and had to undergo an operation to remove a toe after a particularly virulent infection took hold. X-rays revealed that she also had a fracture in it.

Des Fegan, the renowned greyhound vet at Milton Keynes, performed the operation and has made a very neat job of it, it has now healed very well and is not too noticeable. Pleased to report that the operation did not affect her immense ability in any way.