BGOA– Retired Greyhound Trust


What do we do?

Our army of volunteers are actively seeking new homes for the many greyhounds not lucky enough to be homed with their owners when they retire!


Because we believe that all greyhounds deserve a life after racing! Despite popular misconceptions, greyhounds are gentle, loving and adaptable, which makes them ideal as family pets. They are lazy couch potatoes needing only two twenty minute walks a day and when rehomed responsibly they can live with many other pets including cats.
Approximately 9,000 greyhounds are retired from racing every year, typically between four and six yrs of age, many never make the grade or retire at a much younger age due to injury.
Owners are encouraged to take their responsibility for their dogs seriously, but sadly many are abandoned, and there seems little we can do to take them to task over this!

Your help could make the difference!!

There are many ways you can help the work of the trust…if you are able to offer a home to a needy greyhound or would like further information, thenĀ contact us.

The BGOA RGT now have a dedicated site of their own, follow the link below to view the dogs currently available or for more information

Hove RGT